Dr. Gubad Ibadoghlu, an Azerbaijani civil rights defender and scholar, will be commemorating his 52nd birthday within the confines of a prison cell on September 12, 2023. Dr. Ibadoghlu was arrested in July 2023 and is currently facing the prospect of a 12-year imprisonment in Azerbaijan under politically motivated charges related to counterfeit money.

However, the true underlying reason for Dr. Ibadoghlu's incarceration and impending imprisonment lies in his role as a vocal government critic. Over the years, he has stood out as one of the very few scholars in Azerbaijan unafraid to delve into sensitive issues such as money laundering, embezzlement, and corruption within the country's ruling elite. His investigative reporting has brought to light many uncomfortable truths that Azerbaijani authorities would rather keep hidden, and he now pays a steep price for his fearless commitment to truth.

The arrest of Dr. Ibadoghlu marked the beginning of an unprecedented crackdown on human rights in Azerbaijan, as authorities took aggressive measures to stifle dissent and curtail fundamental freedoms like freedom of expression, assembly, and association. He is just one of hundreds political prisoners currently languishing in Azerbaijani detention facilities.

To mark Gubad's birthday and call for his immediate and unconditional release, #FreeGubad campaign is collaborating with other networks to coordinate a series of parallel protests in cities around the world. We are aiming for the symbolic number of 52 protests, but will need your help!

If you are moved by Dr. Ibadoghlu's plight and wish to stand up for human rights in Azerbaijan, we invite you to join us! Please indicate your intention to attend via this page and extend the invitation to your friends and colleagues. Together, we can make a difference in this crucial human rights advocacy effort.