: Activists of the Party of Democracy and Prosperity of Azerbaijan held a protest rally in front of the Ministry of Justice on Wednesday. They protested against another refusal of the Ministry of Justice to register this Party.

The participants chanted: "Ministry of Justice, register PDPA", "Ministry of Justice, respect the Constitution".

"Over the past year, the Ministry of Justice has registered 9 political parties. However, they do not register us, since we do not go to behind-the-scenes negotiations. They have been delaying this process since 2014. We will not go to any "agreements" and will achieve registration by legal means. If necessary, we will appeal to the European Court," party activist Huseyn Melikov said.

Two of the participants were invited to the Ministry of Justice, where they were received by the head of the reception Kamal Huseynov.

According to the deputy chairman of the PDPA, Adalat Yusibov, Huseynov contacted the leadership of the Ministry of Justice, and then offered to come on Friday with all the documents for an appointment with the leadership," he said.

It should be recalled that the Party of Democracy and Prosperity of Azerbaijan was established on October 17, 2021 on the basis of the Democracy and Prosperity Movement created in 2015. The organization is headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor Gubad Ibadoglu.