• Policy analysis on macroeconomic framework (Research conducted for UNICEF, World Bank, Oxfam GB,

OSF, etc.)

• Governance and institutional assessments (Evaluations conducted for EU, GIZ, USAID, etc.)

• Conduct monitoring state program and national plan (Monitoring conducted USAID, EU, Oxfam GB,

UNDP, etc.)

• Extensive project and organizational management experience (managing Economic Research Center and

its projects for 14 years, managing EITI CSOs Coalition and its project for 10 years)

• Excellent presentation skills (teaching experience on 24 years; presented more than thirty papers and

reports at international and regional conferences and seminars)

• Extensive skills and experience in writing research and policy reports (author of many research reports

and publications in national and international level)

• Very good organization skills (organized and managed a number of conferences, forums, trainings,

seminars and research project)

• Experience in reporting on project and program level (for the EU, USAID, UNICEF, UNDP, WB, OSCE,

GIZ, NRGİ, OSI, etc.).