On Friday, activists of the Democracy and Welfare Party attempted to hold a protest in front of the Russian Embassy in Baku. They demanded the withdrawal of Russian troops brought into Karabakh as peacekeepers. The participants of the action raised posters: “The occupying Russian army, leave Karabakh!”

Raising the flags of Azerbaijan and Ukraine, the participants chanted: "Down with the occupying troops." Participants called the war against Ukraine "a genocide".

“The Russian army committed the Khojaly tragedy, “Bloody January”. Those who invited them to Azerbaijan should explain to the people. As long as the Russian army remains, the occupation will not end,” the protesters said.

The police blocked the path of the participants on the way to the embassy. When the demonstrators began to chant against the government of Azerbaijan, the police dispersed them, detaining two participants - Nizami Ahverdiyev and Hussein Melik.