For almost 7 months, the health condition of my brother, who is unlawfully detained in the solitary confinement centre in Baku, has been deteriorating rapidly. During the last endocrinological examination, my brother, who suffers from type II diabetes, was diagnosed with polyneuropathy. 10-day changeover and one month of medication (alpha-lipoic acid) were prescribed once the system was completed. On Saturday, we submitted the necessary medications and materials for the system to the Medical-Sanitary Department ("Sanchast") of the Baku Investigative Isolation Facility.

The reason why the sugar level has not dropped a single day in the last seven months is due to the poor conditions of detention, stress and my brother's lack of the right to at least two hours of daily walk. The falsification of the results of analyses and examinations by the Ministry of Justice prevents my brother from receiving adequate medical care, which from a legal point of view is an inhumane act and torture (according to international human rights conventions).

Despite the severe deterioration of my brother's health, the Ministry of Justice and the Prison Service do not allow him to be transferred to a medical facility for treatment. If the manipulation of the analysis and investigation results is an attempt to mislead the European Court of Human Rights, then another reason is to create the impression in the local and international community that it is not necessary to transfer my brother to a medical facility.

The medical administration of the Ministry of Justice, which manipulates medical documents, must recognize the rapid deterioration of my brother's health (the real situation) because he was prescribed treatment. If the Department of Justice claims that daily blood sugar (glucose) levels and 3-month average sugar (glycosylated haemoglobin - hidden sugar) levels have always been in the normal range, then why have my brother's peripheral nerves been damaged?

We still do not know anything about the consequences of the high blood sugar level on my brother's other internal organs (kidneys, liver, eyes, etc.), the stage (diameter) of the aortic aneurysm (the dilated part of the aorta) and the visual observation of the enlargement (swelling) of the gland-like organ behind the glass on Saturday. We also lack information about the progression of the disease and the condition of the spine (protrusion, degeneration and nerve compression) and others, as well as the remedies.

In a week, the second extension period of the examination (3 months) will end, and during these 3 months, not once was such an examination carried out. So why are you subjecting my brother to such cruelty?

If your aim is to kill a clever person from Azerbaijan, why do you inflict this death on my brother gradually and in agony? What is the need for an investigative game? Act "fairly" like your fathers in 37, stand against the wall and shoot, then it's over!

Galib Toghrul