Baku city                                                                                                         07.10.202

Putin's Russia openly supports separatist and terrorist groups in Karabakh to keep Azerbaijan in its sphere of influence. Thus, abusing the statement agreement dated November 10, 2020, signed by the three heads of state, Russia has deployed numerous troops with heavy military equipment in the Karabakh region under the name of a "peacekeeping force." By abusing the existing situation, Russia is trying to violate the state sovereignty of our country - to remove from the jurisdiction of Azerbaijan the territories inhabited by the Armenian population in Karabakh and to support the Armenian military units settled in those territories. Also, Russia is trying to maintain its influence and power over Azerbaijan.

 Although stated in Article 4 of the Declaration, Armenian armed units still operate under different names in Karabakh and receive direct financial and military assistance from Russia. At the same time, after the declaration of the Russian language as the second language in the territories controlled by Russian "peacekeepers," it is expected that Armenians will be given dual citizenship status, and Russian passports will be distributed in violation of Azerbaijan's sovereignty.

All these dangerous situations require the immediate withdrawal of the invading Russian troops from Karabakh, the complete and definitive return of the territories of Karabakh that have not yet been freed from occupation to the jurisdiction of Azerbaijan, and at the same time, to reliably protect the state security and sovereignty of our country, its military cooperation with friendly countries. It is necessary to deepen its political relations significantly to strengthen its military-strategic alliance with the brotherly Republic of Turkey.

Therefore, the Azerbaijan Democracy and Welfare (ADR) Party demands the quick withdrawal of the invading Russian troops from Karabakh on behalf of the millions of Azerbaijani citizens who are in solidarity with us in this matter. Leave Azerbaijan and go home!