The Committee for the Protection of Professor Gubad Ibadoglu has urgently demanded his immediate release from prison, citing a critical health risk. They have also called on international and local human rights organizations and the diplomatic corps to take urgent action to save his life.

According to the Committee, the current conditions of Professor Ibadoglu's detention prevent any health benefits, even if he takes medications on time and in moderation. Factors such as his mental state, inactivity, unsanitary conditions, and constant psychological pressure have hindered any improvement in his well-being.

In light of the severity of his health problems, the management of the Baku Pre-Trial Detention Center No. 1 of the Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice ward arranged an echocardiological examination of Professor Ibadoglu's heart after 13 days, revealing an alarming increase in the expansion of the aortic root from 37 mm to 41 mm within the past two weeks. This indicates a grave threat to his life. Medical experts confirm that, in cases of aortic aneurysm, it is impossible to reverse the dangerous vessel expansion, making prevention the primary treatment goal. Professor Ibadoglu's blood pressure has been recorded at 150-100 mm daily, with blood sugar levels 2-3 times higher than normal, making the risk of a rupture in the expanding part of the aorta and life-threatening complications inevitable.

On July 23, Professor Ibadoglu was charged under Article 204.3.1 of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan, which pertains to counterfeit money and could carry a sentence of imprisonment from 8 to 12 years. Subsequently, on July 24, he was arrested for the period of investigation for four months. The Court of Appeal upheld the decision to keep him under arrest on July 28.

The local and international community has united in calling for the immediate release of Professor Ibadoglu, highlighting the urgency of the situation and the concern for his life and well-being.